The Greentyre Company has an ongoing program of involvement.

Testing has been conducted around the world at temperatures ranging from -18ºc to +40ºc. Important factors such as road holding, rolling resistance and rebound, which give Greentyres their high comfort, are constantly under review. In all testing, Greentyres™ are comparable to pneumatics except in the area of wear where Greentyres™ are invariably significantly superior.

Greentyres do feel a little different. Riders using Greentyres™ for the first time will experience the difference.

On roads and tracks all pneumatics have a tendency to go pssss and go flat whereas Greentyres™ go on and on. You can say good-bye to puncture repair kits, inner tubes, pumps, levers and tools when you ride in confidence with a Greentyre!

The Greentyre Company has its own in-house computerized design and testing facilities.

The company is pleased to offer complete specifications on all of the products to ensure that the tires you select are right for the job they are required to do.

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions.