Q. How difficult are the tires to put on and is a special tool required?

    Greentyres are actually faster and easier to install than regular bike tires. It's all a matter of technique. With your order, we include a "fit kit" complete with a Greentyre lever and zip ties. Complete instructions.

Q. I have heard that airless tires are much harder to ride and have greater rolling resistance.

One of the most significant factors effecting rolling resistance is air pressure. Since airless tires have no air pressure to speak of, pay close attention to the equivalent psi values in the technical specification for the individual tires. If you normally ride on a 27" x 1-1/8" tire with 110+ psi, you will experience a performance drop if you chose the "Sprint" which has an equivalent psi of 90 psi. In this instance the "Racer", a tire with an equivalent psi of 100 psi would be a better choice.

Q. How much do the tires weigh and what sizes and colors are they available in?

Each tire has its own page which contains technical specifications, tread design, profile and applicable rim size.

Q. What is your guarantee?

The tires can be returned for a complete refund with no questions asked if you are not happy with them. All we ask is that you pay for the shipping both ways.

Q. I use a (fill in the blank) _________ tire now to; (1. commute to work, 2. cross mountains, 3. ford streams, 4. conquer countries) what tire do you recommend?

Unfortunately this issue is a little more complex. Unlike pneumatic tires, the airless tires are not as flexible as far as the number of different types of rims each tire can fit on. After you narrow the models offered to what will fit your rim, you really do not have as many choices as you may think. Both tread preference, which is a highly personal choice (lets face it, some people like to tread lightly others want to leave their mark where ever they go), and the tire pressure currently being used are the two main factors used to choose the correct tire. My only recommendation is to choose a tire which has at least an equivalent psi equal to what you currently ride on (See Question 2 above).

Q. Where Can I Buy A Pair?

    You can order directly from us on this website or at one of our approved dealers around the country. Not every dealer sells Greentyres and not everyone will. Send us an e-mail if you want to find out if there's a progressive, forward-thinking Greentyre retailer in your town.

Q: How Do Greentyres Work?

    Greentyres are molded from one piece of micro-cellular polyurethane. There's no inner tube, only millions of tiny air pockets (or cells) that give Greentyres a comfortable and flat free ride.

Q. Do these tires fit on tubular rims too or only clincher rims?

The tires will only fit clincher rims.

Q. What is a clincher rim? (We only started getting this question after posting the previous one.)

Without going into a long discussion, lets just say, if you have to ask, then you are riding on Clincher Rims.