The factory was opened in 1992 by Princess Diana.

The first bicycle ever invented had solid tires but they were heavy and gave a harsh ride. The introduction of an air chamber in the tire provided the necessary comfort but also the inconvenience of punctures. Combining the advances made in polyurethane over the last 60 years together with computer controlled production and advanced design has made a comfortable puncture-proof tire a reality!
Greentyre takes the 'psssss' out of pneumatics! They are completely flat-proof and totally eliminate the need to carry cumbersome tire repair kits and air pumps. You can confidently traverse any terrain with ease and leave the worry of flat tires behind!
Greentyres are comparable to pneumatics weight-wise and in some cases 20% lighter so they will never wear you down. The lightweight construction and tremendous variety of firmness', sizes and tread designs with years of wear-resistant cycling are certain to take you where you want to be.
Scale mountains, navigate broken terrain, pedal across the continent or through the city streets, Greentyres are as easy on your muscles as they are on your peace of mind!
Greentyres are created out of a high-tech process but never at the expense of the environment. The process is clean, non - carcinogenic, is CFC free and releases no harmful toxins to damage the atmosphere. The product itself cures at ambient temperature so that there is no need to burn valuable and diminishing fossil fuels in post manufacturing vulcanizing, as required by rubber tires. The product lasts longer than rubber and when the tire eventually wears down it can be recycled.

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